Naloxone (Public Health) Service

Naloxone Service (SCOTLAND)

On 30/10/23 the Naloxone (emergency supply) Service will be added to and form part of the community pharmacy Public Health Service. The service which enable community pharmacies to supply and, where necessary, administer naloxone for emergency use – the service specification can be accessed here (Annex A).

Training Requirements:

The service requires all members of the pharmacy team to complete training.

Registered Pharmacy Professionals - Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians must complete the e-learning available on the NES TURAS Learn website. Other members of the pharmacy team can access the same training via the Scottish Drugs Forum Website (the team member will need to login / create an account in order to access the materials).

Note - A PGD is not required for this service. Contractor should ensure that staff are provided with any updates or changes to the service. It is recommended that annual refresher training is undertaken.

The products that may be used for this service include:

  • Prenoxad 2mg/2ml Pre-filled Syringe for Intramuscular Injection. (1st line) - licensed from 16 years.
  • Nyxoid 1.8mg intra-nasal spray (2nd  line) - licensed from 14 years.

Contractors must ensure that each site holds at least two naloxone kits for emergency use. This can be Naloxone in injection or nasal form or a combination of both.

Any suspected adverse events should be reported using the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

Reimbursement Arrangements:

NHS Circular PCA(P)(2023)22 (24/05/23)  advised of funding issued to community pharmacy contractors for preparatory work ahead of the service formally commencing. That payment is specifically to be used as a contribution towards training and for the purchase of two naloxone kits by each pharmacy contractor to be held for emergency use.

Note - As the initial two naloxone kits have already been funded, claims for reimbursement of those two kits must not be submitted. However, all subsequent supplies of kits, and any expired kits that are being withdrawn from stock, should be claimed for reimbursement using the UCF module.

Naloxone Service Claiming:

A new universal claim framework (UCF) module will be made available on 30/10/23 – “Emergency Naloxone Administered” or “Emergency Naloxone Expired,”

  • Where the patient details are known - these should be recorded in the patient’s PMR.
  • Where the patient details are not known - there is an option to record under a “dummy” pharmacy record.

To submit a claim for out-of-stock Naloxone kits, or to claim for a resupply when a kit has been used and the patient is not known to you, you will have to create a dummy patient file on your PMR. We suggest using the following details for ease, though please note that these don’t have to be exact, it just helps in validating the claim. The important part is using the correct UCF service, which will either be “Emergency Naloxone – Administered” when a supply has been made or “Emergency Naloxone – Expired” when claiming for out of date stock.

  • Forename: Naloxone
  • Surname: Naloxone
  • DOB: 01/01/2000
  • Address: 1 Any Street, NF1 1AB


Note - The information contained on this page is correct as of 17/10/23. Please ensure that you consult the latest guidance during the course of your practice.

Should you require any further information or support regarding the above, please contact member support -