NHS Pharmacy First Scotland (PFS)

NHS Pharmacy First Scotland (PFS)

The NHS Pharmacy First Scotland service allows patients to use a community pharmacy as the first port of call for treatment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligibility for the PFS service is reserved for those who fit the following criteria:
  • Everyone registered with a GP practice in Scotland or the Defence Medical Services on a permanent or temporary basis (including care home residents).
  • People who live in Scotland (including gypsy or travellers / asylum seeker or dependant of an asylum seeker).

Note: Visitors to Scotland are excluded from accessing the service, however pharmacists will still be able to provide general help and advice to these patients as well as providing medication by over the counter sale.

Providing the Service:

Once the eligibility of the patient has been confirmed a consultation can be provided which may either be advice, referral to GP or treatment.


Resources have been developed to support Community Pharmacy in the delivery of care for conditions covered by NHS PFS.

Approved Items:

The resource below identifies the allowed treatment items for conditions covered by NHS PFS.

Consultation Form:

  • Once you have confirmed a patient as eligible for the NHS PFS service, you must fill out a consultation form - Pharmacy First Scotland Consultation Record Pad – Insert Link

GP Practice guidance:


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):


Skin Infections: