Customer Satisfaction


The Alphega Customer Satisfaction Terminal allows your customers and patients to give feedback to your pharmacy on the service that you provide to them. The terminal:

  • Is designed specifically for independent community pharmacies, allowing instant feedback from patients, including whether WWHAM questions were asked or not.
  • Is available whenever the pharmacy is open (members in our trial area received around 20 pieces of feedback every week)
  • Creates weekly reports and action plans are emailed to you every week
  • Through the back end portal, allows you to view and download feedback reports which can be used as evidence during GPhC inspections
  • Allows you to easily identify when customer service isn’t going so well in the pharmacy and allow you to respond to any concerns or complaints
  • Gives you insight into how your pharmacy compares to your local competitors
  • Where team development or training is required, signposts you to the relevant area of the Alphega offer

The videos below explain more about the terminal and how to get the most out of them.

Dashboard Overview
Website Overview
Application Intro

Location Module
Ratings Module
Tablet turn on
User Module
Connecting to WIFI

To access the Serve First Dashboard, click here.