SOP Manager

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Welcome to Alphega SOP Manager, the digital solution to support you and your pharmacy team with managing your SOPs. SOP Manager is a website which connects to your Alphega tablet app and allows you to manage all of your SOP requirements online.

Key features and benefits:

  • Helps you to comply with GPhC SOP requirements
  • Easily manage all of your pharmacy's SOPs with the click of a button
  • Choose from the Alphega suite of SOPs or upload your own​
  • Assign the SOPs to members of staff at your pharmacy / group of pharmacies​
  • Member of staff reads and 'signs' the SOP on the Alphega tablet​ (by accessing the app called SOP Manager)
  • Digital record is taken of this activity and a report is generated to give visibility of SOP status for all staff members​
  • No need to print SOPs


N.B. To login to the website you need to know the email address that was used when setting up the Alphega tablet (this is most likely your main pharmacy email address). If you don’t know the email associated to the tablet, you can find it by logging onto the Alphega tablet app, tapping on ‘Settings’ and then ‘About’. The email address will appear at the top of the page. Put the email address into the login page and then an access code will be sent to that email account. Input the access code into the login page to gain access to SOP Manager.

If you have any feedback or queries with the Alphega SOP Manager, please email Rob Spooner (Alphega Pharmacy - Digital Product Manager) -