Tympa Health

Alphega Pharmacy is able to offer members discounted rates on ear wax removal and hearing care services through our preferential rate supplier - Tympa Health.

Tympa Health is founded and created by hearing experts. Their ambition is to encourage regular ear and hearing health check ups, as well as normalising the topic of ear wax. They want people all over the world to receive high quality ear and hearing care as quickly and easily as they now access eye care.

The Tympa system solution

The Tympa solution brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one. You get: a high quality video otoscope for examinations, surgical loupes and a microscope for ear wax removal. The whole system is hand-held, portable, and backed by a fully digital system for keeping patient records.

Tympa Health offers different system options - depending on the services you want to offer, and are able to offer training packages for the team members you wish to deliver the service - it is not limited to registered professionals.

As a private service, you are able to set your own pricing structure for the service(s) you ofer.

Alphega members can take the benefits of working with Tympa Health at discounted rates. As an Alphega member you will receive:

  • 10% discount to the standard Tympa monthly subscription cost (currently £135/month + £20 for hearing screener if requested*)**
  • 30% discount on training fee per candidate (currently £495pp*)
  • Free of charge starter pack of consumables worth approximately £50 when purchasing the full system option

*Correct at August 2021

** The is a one off set up fee per system Android - £150 IOS - £250

There is more information on the services offered in the Tympa Health brochure

To find out more or sign up to the offer, please email Helen Thompson-Parry with your contact details and your Alliance Healthcare account number (so that they know you are an Alphega member): helen@tympahealth.com