We provide you with training and support to help you comply with regulatory requirements and improve the processes in your dispensary to optimise your dispensary sales and grow your core business.

Pharmacy dispensing business

Regulatory requirements

We have a range of resources and support which will help you to comply with your regulatory requirements.

Standard Operating Procedures 

Our readymade SOPs help to improve efficiencies in your dispensary processes. They are specific to England, Wales and Scotland and we can help you to create your own SOPs.

Information Governance Guide (England only)

Our Information governance Guide steers you through the complexities of your requirements by providing you with:

Practical information and guidance

Documents and templates to satisfy each requirement

Support  to put in place actions to ensure you achieve the required level for each of the information governance requirements

Dispensing Operations Guide

This guide covers a number of areas to help you with your regulatory requirements.

These include:

  • Laws and regulations that apply to dispensing practices
  • The Pharmacy Contract
  • Contract monitoring visits

Practice leaflets

We offer a practice leaflet which is contract compliant. It is also available in large print, Welsh language and personalised versions.  

Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire

We work with intelliPharm to provide you with a complete solution for the Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) contractual requirement in England and Wales. The service includes full management of on-line and paper questionnaires as well as the creation of the reports, leaflets and posters that you need. 

Growing your dispensary business

Growing your dispensary business

As well as offering you support in complying with your regulatory requirements, we can help you to grow your dispensary business through a number of materials.

Dispensary Income Guide

This guide contains information which will help you to maximise the income you are entitled to from your dispensary business by ensuring that you know how to process your prescriptions and associated paperwork accurately.

Efficient dispensing team member workbook

This workbook will help your dispensary team to develop and improve the systems and processes in your dispensary. It contains some best practice guidance as well as tasks to draw on team member’s insights and experiences to allow them to consider changes that can be made to improve efficiency within the dispensary.

Dispensing services leaflets and posters

We provide leaflets and posters to help you advertise and raise awareness of the dispensing services that you offer in your pharmacy to your customers.

Electronic Prescription Service

We have created a support pack to help yo0u make the most of this service. It contains Team Member Workbooks, customer leaflets (including consent form) and stickers for the dispensary team to highlight potentially suitable patients for the service. 

Developing relationships with healthcare professionals guide

Optimising your dispensing business critically depends on the relationships you develop with GPs and other healthcare professionals. This guide will enable you to plan how you will develop these relationships to the benefit of customers and your business. 

Dispensing business

Expert advice

We have a number of consultants who can advise you on the way in which you practice in your pharmacy.  

Pharmacist consultant

Our Pharmacist consultant can:

  • Discuss with you the best professional services to offer in your pharmacy
  • Coach your staff on best pharmacy practices
  • Advise on ways of enhancing your dispensing business
  • Support you in planning and implementing the delivery of new services

Dispensary design consultant

Our Dispensary design consultant can:

  • Review your dispensary layout to optimise storage and workflow
  • Help you make the most of your dispensary space in relation to prescription volumes
  • Discuss how best to store your products to enhance the efficiency of your dispensing team
  • Advise on investment in dispensary furniture and equipment

GPhC mock inspection assessor

We offer a mock inspection service which can support you in meeting the GPhC Standards for registered pharmacies. This means that an assessor can carry out a mock inspection of your pharmacy following the same approach used by GPhC inspectors and produce a report which offers suggestions of how you can improve your practice.