More points claimed by Alphega Pharmacy members in latest QPS review

Our top level members in the UK have once again come out on top in the 2017/18 Quality Payment Scheme (QPS), claiming on average 8.4 points more than non-Alphega Pharmacy independent pharmacies! 

This equates to a minimum of £537.60 in addition to the average payments received to a pharmacy. All other Alphega Pharmacy UK members on average claimed 4.3 points more than non-Alphega Pharmacy independent pharmacies. This equates to a minimum of £275.20 in addition to the average payments received to a pharmacy.

The QPS became part of the community pharmacy contract in England in December 2016, and through the scheme, each community pharmacy can earn a minimum of £6,400 for meeting quality payments‟ criteria.

To assist our members with the Quality Payments Scheme we provide the following:

  • A series of webcasts, describing the scheme and how to achieve the criteria
  • An action plan - available on the member intranet and on the Alphega Pharmacy tablet. This interactive tool contains actions to meet each of the criteria, allows you to log these and assign tasks to individuals in your pharmacy
  • A Business Mentor working with you to help you understand the scheme and implement actions to meet the criteria
  • A Pharmacists Consultant to answer any questions or queries

Finally, dedicated to member support and giving a personal touch, Alphega Pharmacy UK also put on a QPS roadshow, focused on how to meet the standards required for Healthy Living Pharmacy and other innovative support the business can provide.

A delighted Subhash Patel, from Central Pharmacy, Esher said: „The support Alphega Pharmacy UK provided throughout the duration of the Quality Payments Scheme was invaluable in helping me reach the maximum 100 points. The Action Plan on the Alphega tablet gave clear and concise instructions on how to achieve each of the criteria and the evening roadshow made becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy a far less ominous task.

If you would like to take advantage of these assets and become a member of Alphega Pharmacy, please contact